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Patriots Program

About the Program 

The Stars and Strides Patriots Program meets weekly and is open to any veteran who is living with PTSD or has sustained other injuries in connection with military service, regardless of the conflict or circumstance. The Patriots Program includes groundwork and riding. No previous horse experience is necessary. 


Veterans have seen improvements in a number of areas including physical strength, movement and balance, communication skills, emotional regulation, focus and concentration, comfort in new situations, trust in others, social interaction, coordination and cooperation, patience and relaxation, motivation and self-esteem, and compassion and empathy.


Veteran volunteers are recruited to support their fellow veterans and are a key ingredient in the healing of injured individuals. Having veterans provide moral and physical support to their wounded comrades honors the military philosophy of “No One Left Behind.”


This service is completely free to veterans and is funded by donations from local and national organizations, foundations, and individuals. If you would like to support our veterans, please click on the Donate tab above. 

For more information about participating or volunteering in the program, email

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