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Our Stables

About our Facilities  

Stars and Strides Stables is located in Parker County on 20 beautiful acres north of Weatherford around the Peaster area.  The tranquility of the landscape adds to the positive feel that our riders sense when they arrive.  The topography adds to the adventure as most all lessons end with a trail ride through the abundance of beautiful trees that are a part of the riders’ overall experience.  Who knows? Sometimes our riders may catch a glimpse of some wildlife and depending on the time of year and theme, perhaps even Santa or the Easter Bunny.  


We have been called the Horse Heaven for horses.  The land is well maintained with an abundance of fresh water, grazing, and room to roam.  Our horses are turned out the majority of the time except when lessons are being conducted.  This allows the horses to take a much-needed break from their daily duties and just be a horse.  


Our horses receive regular veterinary checkups, supplements, and are on a routine hoof maintenance program using a veterinarian that specializes in farrier skills.  They receive plenty of love and attention from all of our riders.  


We are confident that not a day goes by that the horses don’t tell each other, “Man, we are sure glad we live here!”

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