teresaTeresa Miller is a certified PATH Instructor and serves as the Program Director of Stars and Strides Stables. 

Teresa's philosophy of teaching involves first and foremost the safety of the riders, instructors, volunteers, and the horses. She believes that teaching should be geared towards ensuring that the student is building their confidence, self esteem, and skills. An instructor should get to know their students personally and adapt their teaching style to meet the individual needs of each rider. By knowing the best approach to use when teaching, the instructor can enhance the learning experience for the rider and ensure that there is a progressive and noticeable improvement in the student’s abilities.

Teresa's greatest strength is found in her personal experience. She raised a special needs child who is now a young adult. Because of the various needs, Teresa became accustomed to modifying and adjusting the ways by which her daughter learned. These experiences and abilities can be directly applied to Teresa's students in the arena. There is a keen understanding on how to adapt a lesson so that the student can maximize their learning experience. Teresa is able to relate easily with the parents of the students because in essence, “She has been in their shoes”. By developing these relationships, the parent then becomes a part of the vital team that will lead to their child’s success."

 "I believe in the benefits of therapeutic riding.  More importantly, I believe in each student and their ability to become a STAR!  I am committed to helping my students achieve success through horsemanship so that it can help them succeed in life."